Blackmagic Itensity Shuttle

Game capture
I've switched out my Elgato for this one. It's basically more badass and gives the computer the signal at the same moment as the TV screen does, making it easier to sync camera and audio. It takes the Wii's component and makes it into HDMI in the process for my fast monitor. It was quite painful and confusing to set up, but once it started working it's been really nice.

Open Broadcaster Software

Streaming software
An easy and free streaming software that fills my needs and is greatly documented on how to use on both Twitch and other sites.


Graphical editor
Easy and free software for me to style the template to use in OBS while also helping me to create my cute Ice Climber logo.

Blue Microphones Snowball

Voice recorder
Costs a bit, but Im happy with the results. Easy to set up aswell.


A fast laptop that ensures a good streaming process. Am currently using the laptop's camera for the stream.

Asus VN247H

I used to have a BenQ screen for gaming, but it turned out my cheaper Asus monitor was more up to the task. I don't use CRT since they're fat and I can use HDMI instead thanks to my capture card.