Who? Me?

I'm a web developer at the age of 24 that loves social games. My facial expressions when I focus are supreme and my gaming skills are in my favor. I've always cherished spending time with others and video games have always held a special place in my heart.


My days are spent working full-time as a web developer and playing Melee while also making time for my girlfriend and others I hold dear. I'm having a blast trying to make my channel into a decent place where there's fun to be had. My job lets me afford more equipment to improve the viewers' experience on the channel.

I started playing Smash competitively at the beginning of 2014 and have started to be known as one of the top players in Stockholm, Sweden. I main Ice Climbers and have a reliable Samus at my disposal.

The past

I've gone by many names in the past; Rainther, Trokaz, Yumein, Raitch and FA0 amongst others. My presence on the web was established quite early in the form of online games such as Starcraft and Warcraft and through me making animations on Newgrounds.com and also putting them up on my old site which I won't bother referring to.